ATSSJH Newsletter - 5th January 2016

NHS Lothian at its despicable best.

Who could have foretold, that in the season celebrating that most precious gift, the birth of a child, NHS Lothian would embark on a consultation for its Herod-esque threat to West Lothian’s children. Even then, they have decided to do it by the back door, by circulating its details in newspapers next week!

News reaches us that NHS Lothian intends to publicise an electronic consultation on the future of St. John’s Children’s Ward on Monday. Yet there is still not a mention of it on NHS Lothian’s award-winning communication team’s website. Why, you may ask, has it taken them since 7th. October when they announced on their website that they had given the green light, has it taken until now to start the consultation?  

Could it be for the same reason that they are going to bury the outcome of the review until after the 2016 Holyrood elections? It doesn't suit their purpose to publicise too widely, so bury it over the festive period? Quite probably.

 The fact is this is probably the most contentious decision NHS Lothian will have to take about St. John’s in almost a decade. And it is even more contentious for the Scottish Government, who have already agreed to bury the report until AFTER the Holyrood elections in May 2016.

 We can do something about both cover-ups. You can write now to the people who allegedly represent us-links below-and reject any proposals that would undoubtedly spell the end of 24/7 children’s services at St. John’s.

 The people of West Lothian sent a clear message to West Lothian Council and Holyrood in 2007. We can send one again to Holyrood in 2016: we will not lie down and allow politicians and unelected boards to remove our services without a fight.


Links to contacts at the Royal College and other parties are provided here…..

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health:


Councillors (link to West Lothian Council website, click on names for contacts):


7th. December 2015

Our children’s ward – going, going, gone………..!!

In a few months the 24/7 children’s ward at St John’s will likely have been downgraded to a 9 to 5 service or similar, right under our noses.

NHS Lothian has been trying to do this for years to help pay for the brand new Sick Children’s hospital at Little France. They need to downgrade our ward and they are doing this on the quiet, by the back door.

Ask yourself, “Did you know about this proposal?”  Yet the Royal College of Paediatricians which is drawing up the report (its THIRD in 4 years!!) that will spell the end of our 24/7 ward has asked for interested parties to make representations to them now.

Did you know this?  Surely we are ALL interested because, once the ward is downgraded, any sick child in West Lothian will be sent to Little France.

Can you imagine the heartache and hardship that this will cause?

And where are our politicians?

Angela Constance and Fiona Hyslop are Cabinet Ministers representing Livingston and Linlithgow respectively. Local MSPs have resigned their ministerial posts in the past in protest at significant downgrades at St. John’s. So why are they not  SHOUTING  about this?

Conveniently, NHS Lothian has decided that the report which spells the end of our children’s ward will be published only AFTER the election in May. Yet the report will be ready by March!!! It could have, and should have, been ready much earlier.

Action to Save St John’s asks that you insist on being represented through your MP, MSP or a local group like ours. Or make your views known direct to the Royal College. Links to contacts the Royal College and other parties are provided above.

In the New Year we will give you more information.

And there are new scandals which NHS Lothian is trying to cover up which we intend to bring to everyone’s notice. So watch this space!!

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