6th. February, 2016.

Houston reported to Commissioner for Ethical Standards.


We have reported the chair of NHS Lothian Board, Brian Houston to the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life.

His outrageous and utterly disrespectful comments about 400 members of the public-including our members-who wrote to him with concerns over the future of the children's ward at St. John's Hospital merited nothing less.

We did consider reporting him to the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Shona Robison MSP, but frankly, that would have been a wasted exercise. She has had plenty of time to intervene and have him apologise. She's quick enough to intervene when political expediency dictates, like the forthcoming election.

As nothing was being volunteered, we had no option. Let's be honest, nothing is going to be volunteered by this arrogant man, nor by his boss.

Neil Findlay MSP has called for him to fall on his sword, and for Jim Crombie to go too. Much as we support the call, it's not likely to happen.

Houston has shown he doesn't care; Robison needs him as a buffer, because if she gets rid of him now, she'll have to take the flack for the disastrous review that is underway.

It's just another disgraceful chapter in the decline of our local hospital.


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