20th. January 2016.

NHS Lothian's scandals: more to come?!


Following recent media coverage of the latest scandals to engulf NHS Lothian, we have been inundated with people who want to fill in the gaps in the stories. They want to tell us what is really going on in their part of the health service in Scotland.

Lots of people have contacted us : patients, staff, administrators - and some at pretty surprising and unusual levels. Waverley Gate, we hear you!

But Action to Save St. John's Hospital would like to hear from YOU too! If you have had your appointment bumped. If you have been forced into a mixed sex bay. If you are concerned for your kids if the children's ward is downgraded, as seems likely. Or simply if you just want to tell us your story and support OUR local hospital.

We GUARANTEE that your identity will never be willingly revealed by us.

One further point, for absolute clarity: the authors of the posts which appear on these pages do not, and have never, worked in the NHS. We rely on a myriad sources for information. If only NHS Lothian's board wasn't so blindly incompetent, it would realise the bulk of our stories can be found within the papers they regularly skim over. Their myopic approach to the job they are handsomely rewarded to do is the real scandal.

The Scottish Govenrnment has recently tasked an "under the radar" investigation of waiting times at a number of Scottish hospitals. Investigators are desperately trying to get to the bottom of patient flow problems.

Bottom line? We understand patient treatment against targets for A&E fell to somewhere in the 70% bracket in December and early January. Yes, 70%!!!!

And why is this happening in Lothian? Among other things it's about capacity. As soon as the Royal gets full, they simply redirect, and the Western can't cope. The real shame is we've told them publicly since 2008 that they hadn't built in sufficeint capacity. We were mocked and pilloried for our suggestions.

Well, now the chickens have come home to roost.

Cancelled operations, cancelled appointments, mixed sex mays, capacity problems, running out of money.........

Well, as we've said before, there's more to come. Why? Because NHS Lothian can't help itself but mess up.

And as for the "waiting times czar" who was going to "kick the waiting lists to death", he should be despatched just as surely as the last failed czar-metaphorically of course-and he too should be the last of his kind.

Let's forget the fancy titles and appointment of talentless fools remunerated at levels competent people everywhere are left to marvel at.

Nicola Sturgeon needs, no must, do something. The starting point is the same as several years ago when the former chief executive was sacked: more of them have to go.



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