23rd. February 2016

This post carries an opinion on Mr. Robertson's comments about centralisation..................

It is a rank disgrace, in the face of the subsequent articles of blatant incompetence, that anyone in Mr. Robertson’s position should suggest shutting anything, apart from their mouths.

Why is the answer to blatant mismanagement of public resources that the public should pick up the bill, face the pain, or both?

It is a disgrace.

The people in charge of our public services need to take a long hard look at themselves. Problem is, so many of them are wilfully blinded in the pursuit of filling their own pockets they won't. Oh, and they have no shame anyway, even if they would.

It is nothing short of ironic that there should be any suggestion of closing hospitals in the face of this catastrophic waste of money, while at the same time the most vulnerable patients and their families are denied vital services.

Where is the sense of priority?

Only 8 years ago we listened to civil servants and politicians hail the centralisation of services. Where has that gotten us? Simple: the mess we are in today. Now they call for more of the same. Talk about ignorance being bliss.

It is frankly astounding that while services such as dementia care are being starved of funding, the answer is to close more hospitals. Haven’t they learned anything from the NHS Lothian “trip”? You design a new central hospital (the RIE); create less beds than before never mind stretch capacity; finance it through a bankrupting mechanism; then pour hundreds of millions of pounds down the pan trying to deal with the inevitable consequences.

Marvellous, just bally marvellous!

Not satisfied with that wholesale disaster, you ignore the pressures staff are put under to lie and fabricate stories about waiting times and appointment lists. Don’t believe us? Ask them.

Ladies and gentlemen, when campaigning against Big Tops everywhere became de rigueur, we had no idea this would lead to the wholesale de-camping of the circus to the arena of public services.

But the circus is coming to town again, at a hospital close to you.

With clowns galore topping every bill!!!

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