20th March 2016

The SNP's Rank Hypocrisy At St. John's.

Neil Findlay MSP has hit the nail on the head again. Jim Crombie is a hapless disaster. He has mismanaged the waiting lists he was brought in to deal with. He has lied in the media about mixed bays and more. Now he's deeply involved in the children's ward crisis engulfing NHS Lothian.

God help the children.

His incompetence and lies are one thing, but it is those of our two constituency MSPs we turn our attention to. Fiona Hyslop has previously ridiculed those who said there was a threat. Remember when she and Ms. Constance posed outside St. John's with their kids saying there was no threat? Liars both, and they knew it. Remember when Councillor Peter Johnston and a traitor in our midst tried to claim there was no threat to the service? Liars both, and they knew it.

Then, there was a local election looming, and they wanted to crush any dissenting voices. That included those of us who had supported their administration in West Lothian for 5 years. We could ask what price loyalty, but Hyslop and Constance have amply demonstrated they are low enough to crawl under a snake's belly for the price of a vote.

And what of Ms. Constance? Like Hyslop, she is a stranger to the truth. She has risen to the dizzy heights of cabinet secretary for education. Of course for those in the know, dizzy is an adjective well applied to Ms. Constance herself.

Take her witterings about crises to engulf education in Scotland. They are a masterclass in someone being out of their depth. Her solution to the Glasgow Clyde Board crisis? Appoint the same man who through his cover ups, lies and deceit at West Lothian Council, almost brought down the SNP led administration. Yes, indeed, there's no fool like a cabinet fool!

Perhaps as a former social worker, she is one of his former proteges and this is payback. Maybe she bought him muffins for his morning coffee? Who knows.

What is a matter of fact is that these two politicians cannot be trusted. They have lied to the West Lothian public before, and they will do so again. Be in no doubt: when the electoral chips are down, these two will twist and turn no matter who or what the collateral damage is.

It is high time people in Government made proper choices in health and elsewhere, about who should be appointed in public life, not just through the old boys network. Didn't the SNP promise us better in 2007? Clearly "better" just applies in the sense of better for them, now they can make their own preposterous choices.

Until they deliver, we, and we hope Mr. Findlay and those like him, will be there to expose their incompetence and lies.

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