Standard Coping Mechanism: Blame the Opposition!


5th. March 2016.


There is no doubt the NHS in Scotland is facing huge challenges. Budgets are under pressure, and staffing and resource issues give grave cause for concern.

Despite the chaos witnessed across many health board areas in recent years, the Scottish Government seems intent on taking no responsibility whatsoever. It is the fault of the opposition, and the decisions they took almost 10 years ago. So, in other words, what this Government has done hasn't caused any problems at all.

Talk about writing your defences on the back of a fag packet! At least stand up and be counted for what has happened on your watch.

It is clear that the Scottish Government has lost control of the NHS and wants to blame everyone else, and shoulder none of the responsibility. They will take credit for increasing budgets (allegedly) but not for the chaos and mismanagement that has seen tens of millions squandered by incompetent Boards, and yet more tens of millions lavished on the private sector to bail them out of the mess.

And it simply isn't working.

Don't take our word for it: look at the ISD figures published every few weeks. In NHS Lothian, waiting lists are at an all time high. Breaches of the waiting times guarantees are increasing across the board. Operations cancelled at short notice are increasing monthly. A&E departments are in melt-down, as are many other specialties.

So, with a record like this, you'd like to think they'd be the last Board to be asked to come up with solutions to future problems. But no, the incompetents at NHS Lothian are being asked to plan for our future!

People who can't see further than the length of their Pinnochioesque noses are being asked to plan for further mismanagement of our health services. Their answers are always the same: more spending and more cuts-except executive pay of course-and worse results. Centralise or be damned we now hear them cry. But the centralist agenda hasn't worked in NHS Lothian! It has delivered nothing short of catastrophic results! For patients, of course, not the executives and Board.

But what do we know? We only forecast it would go wrong years ago. They wouldn't listen. We were talking rubbish.

Then they tried to fiddle the figures as things deteriorated. They lied when they got caught. And lied again when they got caught a second time. And then a third. And when they said they wouldn't close the children's ward at St. John's, we said they would. And they did. And they lied about it-twice. And then they did it again. And now it's likely they'll downgrade it. But not until they've lied to put the decision beyond the Holyrood elections in May.

And so life, and not as we should know it in the NHS, goes on:
List fiddling.
Service reductions.
Privatisation by the back door.

How's that for a 'back of a fag packet' list of achievements, Cabinet Secretary?

You must be proud!!!

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