5th April 2016

Risky business-pity it's our health at stake.

Andrew Whitaker's piece in the EEN yesterday highlights the potential for further acute bed cuts. What type of idiots are running the NHS? They are in the mess they are because of the cuts in beds, not in spite of them. Don't these people get that?

And, to add to their woes, tomorrow's Board papers highlight that there isn't just a "risk" of bed cuts: the risk is "very high". In other words, barring a miracle, it will happen.

The solution to this according to Jim Crombie is that people need to be treated at home, or in "homely settings". A homely setting? What is that supposed to mean?

This is the clown among men whose answer to everything at the St. John's Stakeholder Group, was to find "elegant solutions" to everything wrong. Well, look at the evidence: longer waiting lists, staff reductions, bed reductions, more operations cancelled, and more and more services threatened with cuts or closure. The list goes on.

If these are what qualify as "elegant solutions", we can only speculate at the likely results of "homely settings".

Sounds a bit like estate agent speak for a cemetery.



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