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The new Short Stay Elective Surgical Centre in St. John’s Hospital at Howden opened for business in December 2010.

This state of the art facility is the culmination of 4 years of hard work for the Party. It is the jewel in the crown of all our other achievements since our election in 2007.

In addition to the Short Stay Elective Surgical Centre, we have seen the recent announcement of further innovative service developments such as green light laser for enhanced urology treatment, the announcement of a sport injury clinic, a specialist eating disorder unit and further progress toward University status for St. John’s. A Business case for a new MRI scanner is in the final stages of development

The progress of the past four years includes:

• The first all-hospital candidate Party to hold the balance of power in a Council in Scotland

• The first Health Board non-executive member in Scotland who was directly elected on a health platform

• An improved public transport service from West Lothian to Edinburgh based hospitals and ongoing work on demand responsive transport

• The successful removal of car parking charges at St. John’s Hospital

• Secured parity of wage structures with other Lothian hospitals for laboratory staff

• The establishment of the St. John’s Hospital “Stakeholders Group” to help develop future service delivery at St. John’s

• An independent review of emergency surgery and elective orthopaedics at St. John’s in conjunction with other service provision, with work ongoing

• The return to St. John’s Hospital of a dedicated senior management team, now headed up by Sandra Mair

• The continuation of the successes already achieved by the Community Health & Care Partnership in West Lothian

In the Council, we have helped introduce:

The first Council housing to be built in 25 years, with phase 2 now underway

More police officers on the beat through the provision of new Safer Neighbourhood Teams

Police officers based at two secondary schools to improve links with younger people

Improved school buildings and facilities

A root and branch review of all Council service provision for the elderly

We are also actively engaged in discussions to deliver a more comprehensive package of elective orthopaedic surgery at St. John’s, together with enhancing Accident and Emergency services at the hospital.

We will continue to work with our SNP partners in running West Lothian Council to deliver the best services for all of our communities.

Our shared values and beliefs in the provision of Health Services, free at the point of delivery and delivered as locally as possible, will ensure the continuation of the successful partnership working to date. Underpinning this relationship will be the ASSJH commitment to ensure proper accountability by those charged with providing our Health Services.

In keeping with the ASSJH Manifesto commitments, the interests of the people of West Lothian will come first. WE will put THEIR interests FIRST.

And on Health, we will continue to deliver on OUR promises.