2012 Manifesto

We believe in being realistic. Our Manifesto outlines where our influence will deliver within West Lothian Council and where our influence can be used further afield.

We can make changes for the better, and will:


On Health

build on the improvements achieved at St. John’s Hospital since 2007

continue to protect and improve services at St. John’s Hospital; to maintain it as an Acute, Emergency Hospital and to extend the range of treatment including elective orthopaedic services

fight to retain a 24/7 children’s ward including paediatric and neonatal services

protect NHS budgets and make sure there are no cuts

protect the budget of the West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership (CHCP)

campaign for the West Lothian CHCP model to be rolled out Scotland wide

continue our fight to have democratically elected Health Boards in Scotland

promote further integration of primary care services through partnership working with the NHS




On Housing

build a further 1000 Council homes in the next Council term

introduce a fairer letting policy for everyone waiting on Council housing

adopt fair and affordable rent strategies in consultation with our tenants

ensure further improvements in Council house standards

fight against injustices created through welfare reforms

increase tenant participation through our award winning participation model

continue a rolling review of all Council housing policies

share good practice with and from, housing associations and the private sector

introduce tougher rules to deal with anti-social behaviour


On Communities

build on the highly successful exisiting safer neighbourhood teams

increase the number of multi-agency operations to tackle West Lothian’s drug problem at its source

improve community representation within the Council’s decision making processes

further strengthen links with communities and involve them in community regeneration

build on partnership working with the police and other agencies to tackle anti-social behaviour

work with our partners to rid our communities of the scourge of under age drinking




On Jobs and the Economy

improve job chances for our young people by investing in apprenticeships and training

work to eradicate expensive and wasteful “contracted out” apprenticeships

work to deliver a fairer wage structure above Government minimum wage levels

support continuation of the small business rates bonus

introduce small business support grants

support inovative business creation schemes

bring forward proposals to support job creation schemes

ensure a positive attitude is taken in planning and development management to employment and investment schemes, regardless of size

fight to end excessive pay and bonuses at the expense of lower paid workers

campaign to ensure a fairer tax spread in corporate Britain and fight to plug tax loopholes


On the Environment

improve the roads, footpath and cycling networks throughout West Lothian

include specific provision for 2.5% of both the transport capital and revenue budgets to encourage increased and safer cycling

promote the use of renewable fuels

improve open spaces and children’s play areas

invest in recycling initiatives and deliver further reductions in waste going to landfill

improve how we view the built environment

protect our built heritage, and build places that will be worth remembering

ensure areas of sustainable natural environment are available to all

support NETs and Land Services in protecting our local environment




In Education

build on the current Breakfast clubs strategy, to improve access for all children to a healthy start to the day

ensure class sizes are at optimal levels to achieve best outcomes based on peer reviewed research

work to secure better destinations and training in conjunction with partner agencies

improve access to further education working closely with West Lothian College, and colleges and universities throughout Scotland

continue to improve the school estate to provide fit for purpose schools and early years centres

build on current programmes of adult education to deliver the best opportunities throughout the community

improve and extend the use of partnership centres, and continue investment in existing Community Education facilities


For the elderly

protect and improve Council owned care homes

promote the introduction of a robust and fit for purpose inspection regime for all care homes

improve services and facilities for dementia sufferers

support continuation of free personal care

improve support and services for adults and young people caring for others

continue the subsidy for frozen meals

improve access to aids and adaptations

protect free public transport entitlement

continue to improve pensioner access to benefits and other income streams

campaign for fairer treatment of pensions and savings when accessing benefits

lobby to increase the thresholds on savings for means tested benefits

campaign to provide a minimum savings and property threshold of £50,000 per person before charging for residential care

Promoted by Ashok Jacob on behalf of the Action to Save St. John’s Hospital Party, 19 Wilton Road, Edinburgh EH16 5NX