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To effect an immediate and complete cessation to the withdrawal of services from St. John’s Hospital.

To ensure the long-term future of St. John’s Hospital by promoting an open and transparent debate, including the public and Health Service staff, for the return of services already withdrawn.

To continue to promote the creation of a viable catchment area to sustain St. John's Hospital as a provider of acute emergency services.

Where services cannot be returned to ensure access to these from ALL areas of West Lothian through the provision of economically viable and frequent public transport services.

To promote the general health and wellbeing of the West Lothian community through the West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership.

To promote these aims and objectives through wider partnership working .

To ensure West Lothian Council policy promotes and protects these aims and objectives.

To promote an improved standard of living for the people of WL by strengthening housing, education, welfare and environmental services, in addition to protecting SJH as an acute, emergency hospital.

ATSSJH Manifesto